6 Easy Ways to Build Brand Awareness Today

easy ways to create brand awareness

As much as firms want to stand out in the business space, brand awareness is a huge contribution to the heights your business will attain in the midst of competitors. The impact of branding is prominent across industries.

When we see brands like Nike,  Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Google, and so on, we see the power of brand awareness. Like these brands, getting recognized requires consistent efforts and strategies; so as a business owner, you should be willing to make intentional efforts to get your brand‘s name on the lips of every consumer.


01. Start with Being Online

We can’t talk about creating brand awareness if you have not taken advantage of the internet. From social media to websites and search engines, there is enough to get you started on informing prospects about your brand. Think about it this way – “to be seen, you have to be present.” 


02. Devise a Plan

Before you set out online, it is vital that you develop a foolproof plan to get your brand out there. Ensure that the plan is not limited to either offline or online efforts but includes both. You should also have a clear understanding of your intention because this will help you communicate the purpose of your brand to prospects.


03. Give Your Brand an Identity

You should avoid communicating your brand as a detached entity. Efforts should be made to create a personality for your brand that people can proudly identify with. Portray positivity when you represent your brand out there. Do not leave out the emotions and certain human attributes like: attitude,  prestige, trust, empathy, and so on.

You should define the personality your brand portrays and tailor all marketing activities accordingly. This will eventually lead to favorable brand awareness for your business.


04. Make It About The People

People identify with brands that have proven to put them first. When putting out your brand’s messaging, ensure that the people come first by presenting your brand as the solution to problems they face. Examples are; the need for relationships (share a Coke), the need for visibility (Google), the need for motivation (NIKE), and so on. You started your business to solve problems and it’s okay to let the people know this.


05. Build Relationships

Because you have given your brand and identity, it becomes easier to build relationships with people. This is achieved by constantly being in their faces.

People are vital for creating brand awareness and their impact should not be ignored. Get them to interact with your brand; this could be by holding online campaigns like encouraging them to take pictures with your product or tagging your business on their social media platforms.

Things like this get them hyped and willing to generate content for your brand either for a prize or for the fun of it.


06. Don’t Stop Marketing Your Brand

You should develop working marketing strategies for your brand. Although this may require  series of trials, it is important that you find what works and stick to it. Consult professionals where necessary and ensure that you keep putting out word about your brand to create awareness.

It is one thing to be present and another to announce your presence. For your business to have relevant brand awareness, you need to announce your presence.


We’d love to hear your views, what strategies have you implemented to growing your brand’s awareness and how did they turn out?


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