6 Things You Should Not Do On Social Media

6 Things You Shouldn't do on social media

It is established that Social media is good for business. However, a few mistakes could place your brand at a disadvantage. Due diligence is required if you rely on Social Media platforms for your brand representation. No, we’re not trying to make it too serious. It should be fun and interesting for you and your audience. Here are a few things you should not do on social media


01. Follow Trends Blindly

In the world of Social Media, there is always a trend but you should not be in a hurry to follow them without understanding how or if it favors your business. You should follow trends that positively present your brand to the people or find a way to turn the trend in favor of your business if you really want to join the train. But understand that not every trend is for your brand.


02. Market Without Strategy

We’ve seen a lot of businesses go on Social Media for the sake of it. One challenge is that they start with the right buzz but get stuck along the line. This is because they went without a strategy. If there isn’t a strategy in place for your Social Media Marketing, it’s only a matter of time before things come crashing. Put in place  a strategy before and after you set up your accounts for the sake of continuity.


03. Being Too Formal

Like we said earlier, Social Media should be fun and engaging for you and your audience. Get creative with how you place your brand out there. You shouldn’t always be too formal with your messaging. There are more fun ways to send quality information, explore the options.


04. Ignore Negative Feedback

It is common to see brands appreciate positive feedback while ignoring the negative. It idea that a negative comment will go away if you avoid it is a wrong approach to customer service and this is a platform for customer service. Tackle the negative feedbacks you get by reaching out to the people who have made them. Understand that they didn’t do this because they hate your business; It could be a little dissatisfaction which can be resolved. These comments also show you areas you can improve on.


05. Not Engaging


Engagement is an essential part of Social Media Marketing. You should be concerned about building interactions that form relationships with you and your audience. Identify other brands in your niche and engage with them too. Post content that encourages your audience to engage with your page. Always set the ball rolling for conversations.


06. Not Running Campaigns

Campaigns are the soul of marketing – even on social media. This should not be ignored, the problems businesses have with Social Media campaigns, is getting the right target audience. Once you get this right, you’ll benefit from the campaigns you run. This is a great way to increase your brand’s awareness online.

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