6 Ways to Sell on Social Media

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It’s tricky right? Finding yourself on various Social Media platforms to sell your products but not being sure about the approach to take. You would wonder; Do I just hop on and present my products to people? Is it okay to slide into their DMs occasionally? Should I be their friend or just focus on selling what I have?

These are valid questions to ask and they reveal that you are willing to tread carefully on the social space. There is an approach to every intention we have, be it in selling or socializing. We’ll be showing you the easy way to sell on Social Media.


01. Develop a Framework

It is important that you do not run without a plan. Having discovered which Social Media platforms are relevant to your brand, you need to set achievable goals and develop a framework to guide your process. The framework should include details like your content ideas, engagement plans, posting schedule, measurement metrics, and so on. This is because your activities on social media need to be intentional. 


02. Engage with Others

This is a very obvious rule on Social Media. To sell in it you, have to be part of it. This requires that you engage with other users of the platform, share insights, start conversations, appreciate good content, and be available when your audience needs you.


03. Tell Them What You Do

Of course, you have to talk about it or they wouldn’t know. It’s easy to get carried away by the buzz and hype of Social Media but don’t forget why you went there – “to sell”. Be open about your products and services.

Most people may not be patient enough to find out on your business website so ensure that you provide enough details and do not leave people making assumptions. 


04. Present Your Products or Services Well

A lot of people believe that certain products sell themselves no matter how they are presented. This popular opinion may be good for some, but you should not place yourself in that category. Presentation is important, pay attention to the quality of whatever you put out there to represent your brand. This could be the first thing people see about you – remember what they say about first impressions.


05. Be creative

In your presentation – be creative. There are tons of people who sell and do the same thing with you. Creatively present your unique features to your audience. When it comes to social media, being “extra” is okay, as long as it passes the message across.


06. Run Ads

Yes, organic reach is helpful, but Ads will give you a lot more. However, you should know how to tweak the targeting metrics to favor your business. They can be complex to pull-off and you may experience a couple of setbacks if you are just getting started. Please do not give up because they hold so much revenue for your when you eventually figure it out.


Let’s hear your thoughts. Have you sold on Social Media? How did it turn out for your business?


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