8 Foolproof Ways To Build Your Online Presence

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To be seen is to be known. Your online presence plays a key role in your digital marketing strategy. First, because the more of you people see, the easier it is for you to come to mind when they need a service you offer.


By building your online presence, you create a reputation that they unconsciously absorb, this is why what you put out there is very important. It has to be a positive trigger for your brand.


We’ll be showing you some effective ways you can build your presence online;


1. Be Discoverable 

Being discoverable means that your business can be found online when people aren’t specifically searching for it. Merely looking up a product or service you offer leads them straight to you. Setting yourself up for discoverability is a major hack for building your online presence


2. How good is your SEO?

Search Engine Optimization has become so relevant that no one can completely go through Digital Marketing without it. This involves setting up your business website to rank for specific keywords within your niche. These keywords in turn will lead prospects straight to you.


3. Be Social On Social Media

Beyond being present on social media, your online presence is hinged on how well you can engage with your audience on social media as well as your reputation on whichever platform you are. Master the art and function of each social media platform because one approach does not work for engaging on all platforms. Notice how Facebook and Twitter differ in this regard.


4. Take Advantage of Promotions

Social Media Marketing goes beyond posting on social media everyday while that is good for your brand. It is important that you infuse promotional strategies into your social media plan. Run campaigns to promote sales of your product or offers. Advertise often because repetition is key in promotions that convert.


5. Contribute

To have a solid online presence means that you offer content that is relevant to your niche and help prospects who need answers to certain questions. Put out information that is relevant to real-life problems encountered by people.


6. Use Content Marketing

Content Marketing has significantly evolved over time. This means another opportunity you can utilize for a tangible ranking on the web. However, keep in mind that you write for the people and not for the search engines although that could be tempting. People will naturally visit your website when they know you have good information.


7. Gain Influence with Influencers

Just as the name implies these people already have a massive following that gives credibility to their words. Need to spread the word about your business? Reaching out to major digital influencers within or even outside your niche will be a positive move for you and your brand online.


8. Be Consistent

If you already started all of these and still feel like the results aren’t visible yet. Keep at it and in time you’ll see the benefits roll out. Keep putting yourself out there, keep spreading the word, maintain a consistent brand message and make it a priority to intentionally show up where you want to be found.


Photo by Niclas Illg on Unsplash


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