Brand Management for Your Small Business


You may think that there is no need to pay attention to brand management because you operate a small business. On the contrary, this is one reason why you should pay attention to it. Making intentional efforts to properly position your business in the market will help create a standard for your business.


Defining your business in terms of its brand will help you direct the mind and opinions of prospects about your business. As a result, being strategic about it will be beneficial in the long run. 


Today, the digital space plays a prominent role in defining and establishing your brand’s reputation. As a small business owner, it is to your advantage that you leverage it. This is what we will be showing you.


01. Reveal Your Identity

Beyond the basic logo and brand colour, your brand identity comprises of the features of your business as a brand. Your mission, vision, objective and so on should be transparent to your prospect. Using Search Engines and Social Media Platforms to reveal this identity will help you ensure that potential clients know what you are all about and will be attracted to you.


02. Choose your voice

Communicating with your prospect is essential to your Brand’s reputation. This has to do with the emotion and personality your brand adopts when you pass across relevant messages to your target audience. Having revealed the problem you desire to solve with your business, you should also determine how you want to communicate the solution to them. Maintain consistency in your manner of communication. Your imaging, choice of words, platforms and so on, contribute to the personality of your brand.


03. Plan your Visuals

First impressions go a thousand miles. Remember the power of visual representation and take advantage of it. Most of your first-time customers with encounter your business online and what they see will influence the decision to reach out or not. To this effect, you should be particular about details like images, colours, style and pattern when it comes to creating a visual representation of your brand. It is advisable to go for colours and images that are consistent with the services you want to offer. Adopting a logo here is also good for recognition in the long run.


04. Be Unique

Every business has a unique selling point, find yours and let it fly. What is special about your business? Or better still, what is do you want people to remember whenever your business is mentioned? Don’t hesitate to discover this and make it known. This will drive a positive association of your brand and intentionally direct the perception prospects will have.


05. Hinge on Repetition

This is basically what marketing entails right? Telling people the same thing in different ways. You can and should get creative with how you communicate your business online. With your business campaigns, Social Media Posts, and overall digital content; you should ensure that the message is not lost. People have to understand what exactly you do and they need to be reminded that you are still in the neighbourhood -this is the foundation of Brand Awareness.


06. Value Customer Service

Create a customer experience that is hard to dispute. The value of customer service you provide will determine the reputation of your brand. Even as a small business owner, goodwill is something you should look out for. Happy customers make referrals and will be willing to vouch for your business.


As a Small Business Owner, taking cognisance to the values of quality Brand Management will set you up for growth and long term customer relationships that bring opportunities to your business.


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