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It’s a lot easier to sell when you know what your customers want; traditional marketing will have you chasing after leads to close a deal, tons of research is invested into identifying problems and needs that need to be solved because it’s an essential aspect of Brand Positioning.

Digital Marketing on the other hand will bring them to you, the vast availability of digital tools and platforms will also make it easy to identify these needs.

Customers will only come knocking if you have what they want. Therefore, you should ensure that what they want is what you are offering. 


1. Find out what they are searching for

Digital tools have made it easy to identify user needs and intent. With proper keyword research,  for instance, you can find out exactly what your customers are looking for and optimize your digital platforms so that you show up whenever they come looking. This practice alone is a huge bonus for your visibility.


2. Ask them About it

Your Social Media platforms should not be solely for talking about yourself. It is a useful tool for carrying out helpful surveys that will help you identify what the customers need. It will also help you know if you have the right audience. Thanks to these platforms, you do not have to wait for days before you get feedback from them.


3. Pay Attention to Analytics

Tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEM Rush, and so on will help you identify which keywords lead prospects to your website.

Utilizing this information will help you streamline the content you put out so you can rank more on these keywords. This information will also help you identify what your marketing efforts should be focused on.


4. Observe your competitors

Yes, where else would you find helpful insight for your brand? Your competitors have a groundwork you can take advantage of by knowing what exactly leads prospects to them.

Doing a competitor analysis will help you make a positive and healthy comparison for your brand. It will also reveal if there is a need they haven’t met and provide ideas on how you can provide this in order to bridge the gap.


5. Group Them

If you offer a wide range of products or services, it is advisable that you group them based on how relevant they are to your target market.

Putting them in groups will help you identify customer needs for each group. That way, you have more organized brand categories that will lead the right prospects to you.


6. Ask for Feedback

You can also take advantage of your existing customer base by calling them or utilizing E-mail Marketing techniques to find out exactly what they think about your services and the level of satisfaction they have derived from your brand.

Ask them for suggestions on how you can serve them better as well. You will find that there could be an underlying common need in the response you get.


7. Roll out options

Are you planning to release a new product? Why not let your customers be part of the creative process. Using the available digital marketing platforms, you can show them the different ideas you have for your new product and have them choose details like the color or design pattern of the products. This will help you discover what your customers love to identify with.


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