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Optimizing your website presence and ensuring your business is found on the web is ascertained by no magic trick. Hence, It requires a well thought out plan of ensuring your business becomes better and is attaining its objectives. Thanks to the digital space, are free tools for your website to maximize for getting optimal results.

That’s why we have laid out 10 online tools that will accomplish these objectives and give your business the right access and presence on the search web.

Google Analytics

Create a free google analytics account and gain access to data regarding your website traffic, access valuable information on your website, find demography, posts and pages relevant to your website and visits to your website to boost your SEO (search engine optimization) result level.

Yeost Seo

Yeost SEO shows you how to build your post on your site and gives results on how your website appears on google search engine. Also, It is suitable for WordPress websites, it reveals the readability and performance of your blogpost. That way, you can see how your content looks before you publish.

Google Keyword Planner

 Tailors your ideas in form of keywords to ensure that your website presence is found on the web search with Google Keyword Planner. You can discover what your prospects are looking for and find keywords that improve your sites ranking.

 Google My Business

 This free web tool ensures that your business can easily be found on the web and on google map as well. It gives your customers access to your online presence such as your store location and online availability.

 Google Search Console

This is a free web tool that sustains your web presence. It makes your site easily accessible by Google. Therefore, it is a good addition to your website because using the information provided will help you optimize your web presence.


Keep your  website free from plagiarized content. Also, it monitors what you put out  by keeping track of replicated content across the web.

 Elementor Page Builder

This plugin gives you the liberty to build and customize your pages and website features on the backend and is pretty easy to understand especially by business owners who have little or no coding experience. Therefore, they can easily improve their website performance.


Get live insights and recent analytics on your dashboard. MonsterInsights is a great tool for your website because it gives you data that will track your visitors’ activities; know which pages are highly visited, and so on. As a result, you monitor the performance of your website with ease.

 Google Site Kit

This amazing free tool that’s easy to set-up from google allows you to get real insight on the web about how users/customers interact with your Website and the best advise on the right strategy to better your website.


In conclusion, these free tools for your website are rightly suggested to improve it’s performance. Should you desire to get more results, it is very easy for you to transition to the paid version for maximum results.


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