How to Improve Your Local SEO

how to improve website seo

A significant portion on the web is tied down to how your customers can find your business on search engine. As a result, it is better to target your audience towards your local, customer compared to customers worldwide.

That way, customers within your Community can find your business on the web and locate your local store.

This is a great way for your customers to easily interact with what you offer. Here we will explore some  steps to improve your local SEO.


Creating Quality Content

Having a quality content on your website is vital to having your website stand out, getting visits and promoting SEO by using the right keywords and content your customers can easily relate with.

Your website content should be strategic and make use of  keywords which you want to rank on. Avoid using random keywords that are not related to the services your business provides. You can also use keywords around your business, location to help you rank locally.


Engaging with Google

With Google My Business you can achieve success with Google features on locating your business, verifying your website, gain valuable customer feedback and reviews; and ensuring your business is visible to your local audience on Google.

This  requires that you frequently update your Google My Business profile so that it gives your business more exposure. You can also encourage your customers to leave review on your business page as this improves the engagement and will help the algorithms.


Social Media

Reaching out to local customers on social media is a unique way of gaining customer awareness. The purpose of posting regularly on your social media platforms is to redirect your audience to your website. Therefore, your content should be planned, bearing in mind that using the right call-to-action would lead people to your website.

Also, Social Media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook provide options to make use of alternate tagging which is very helping in improving your local SEO.



Getting quality backlinks to and from other domains in your niche will also improve your local SEO because the web crawlers will detect that there are several redirections to your website, This signifies that your content is valuable; It will also help you to gradually gain authority in your domain.


Optimize Page Titles

Your websites pages should have proper titles that not only reflect the purpose of each space; but makes use of the relevant keywords that will help your page get identified and ranked by web crawlers. Without good page titles, your local SEO strategy is incomplete.


Optimize for Mobile users

Majority of your customers will visit your website using their mobile phones. A proper analysis will reveal this to you. Therefore, if your website is not optimized for mobile phones, it reduces the number of visitors your site will have and this does not favor your site’s ranking.


Run Search Ads

Although this requires that you take on some costs, if you get it right with the targeting and the keywords, you can have your page rank improve on search engines. It is important that you strategically choose the keywords for these ads after a thorough research on which keywords are locally relevant for your business.

Search Engine Optimization requires attention to details and consistent application of relevant keywords and formats, if you fail to get this right, your website’s performance will maximize the full possibilities of the digital space.


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