How to Maintain your Business Website


Setting up your business website is a great step towards enjoying the privileges of digital marketing. Getting the best from your online presence will require that you also maintain your business website and we’ll be showing you how to achieve this.


01- Regular Updates

The first step to ensure optimum performance of your business website is to regularly update features such as security patches and software updates as provided by your web developer and hosting platform, bug fixes and so on. If everything on your website is rightly implemented, you will get notifications from your service providers when there is a new update.


02. SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization is essential for your website to be visible. It is important that you get it right. However, you may not have all the knowledge about the keywords and tips needed to optimize your website. This is why it is advisable that you incorporate SEO tools like;  AIll in One SEO pack, Yoast SEO, WP meta SEO etc within our website so you can take advantage of the help they provide.


03. Frequent Analysis

You should ensure that you perform a frequent analysis on the various pages of your website to ensure that everything functions like they ought to. Make use of tools like Google search console, Google Analytics, Woopra, SEMRush or any of your preferences (as long as they have been proven effective) to analyze your overall web performance and specific urls. This will help you identify if there are any loopholes and point out what you need to fix.


04. Pay Attention to Insights

It is important that you have insight plugins like the popular Monster Insights on your backend so you can have a quick glance at your site’s performance whenever you need to. Always pay attention to the insights on your website so you know when there is a drop in the various details like sessions, pageviews, Bounce rates and so on. This way you know when to improve your website’s activities.


05. Content Optimization

We cannot neglect the value of content on your website. By regularly updating and reviewing the content on your website, you keep it relevant and boost the overall performance because this  content is what you go ahead to share on your social media platforms; which in turn directs people to your website and provides a boost to your site’s performance.

If you operate an e-commerce website, you should periodically review the products you have there, and ensure that they are up to date. Remove products which you no longer have in stock.


06. Use an Effective Web Builder

We have the likes of WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and so on to help you build a great website. Ensure that whichever one you choose is suitable for the purpose of your website. Also bear in mind that the web builder you choose will affect the quality of maintenance your website gets in the long run; and the ease with which you can perform this maintenance.

Managing your business website should come with ease if you have all the relevant plugins and tools. It is important that when you build your website, you pay attention to the maintenance requirements. This will help you to make the right selection of tools.


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