How Your Website Will Solve Social Media Problems

how to solve social media problems with a website

There are a few imitations to solely relying on social media if you want to gain more reach in the digital space – these social media challenges aren’t without a fix. If you keep abreast of digital trends, you must have encountered several nudges to get yourself a website if you don’t have one.

Social Media Marketing presents a ton of opportunities for you as a business owner, you get to connect with potential clients on a personal level and be part of their daily lives. If you can pull it off with working strategies, you’ll find yourself making progress with your brand’s visibility and representation on social media. 


Why should you bother with a website when you’ve got social media?

You’re not wrong if you find yourself asking this question.

Truth is, if you don’t see the value it provides, it’ll be hard for you to maximize the benefits even if you get one. Having a website will help you solve the problems that social media will not and also provides room for more gain from your online activities.


Search Ranking 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a major trend in digital marketing, this is one effective way to get seen when a prospect comes searching. It revolves around making it easy for people to find your business when looking for products or services which you offer. 

Social Media does very little for SEO outside the specific platform and a website will bridge this gap by enabling you to implement SEO strategies effectively.



There are numerous social media platforms that are tweaked differently. It is one thing to understand how each platform works and get accustomed to it, but a different ball game when they make changes you have little control over.  We have seen some of these platforms either evolve or fade into oblivion.

You never really know what to expect on social media, sometimes, they have new features which favor your business and other times, these changes don’t help.

A website gives you the advantage to play by your own rules when it comes to your brand’s representation,  you have the liberty to make desirable adjustments whenever you want to without losing the leverage you gained online.


Real-time customer support

How many DMs can you respond to at a time and how many platforms can you really be available on? 

With a website, you can have live chat features set up for your convenience; this makes you readily available to your prospects whenever they reach out. Also, by answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) you solve problems before they even reach out to you.


Domain Authority

The struggle is real. For a new brand to grow on social media, it would take a lot. Think about having to go through the struggle to build your social media presence without any solid destination for all of your efforts.

Having a website is not like having an online business location, it is your Online business location. This enables you to build authority in your niche. 

For your business to gain any tangible authority in the digital world; it has to make an impact beyond the limitations of social media. This is what a website gives you.



With trust comes authority and vice versa.

You got their attention on social media, so what next? Your audience will definitely want more. They want to believe what you say, they want to see what you’ve got for them. They want you to woo them a little more. Give your prospects  reasons to trust. The majority of them will not drive all the way across town for proof that you can “walk the talk”.

Your website is where people see you. It is the home of your brand and the destination for all your digital efforts. Just like Social Media is where you get to connect with prospects on a personal level; your website is where they connect with your business  “up close and personal”.


Track your leads

Why not just run ads on social media and get paid?

Well… you could do that; but how do you know who to reach when you need to run another campaign? Social Media is a great place for lead generation; however, it’s not one for lead tracking. 

Your website, with the right tools, will show you leads you can nurture and convert to returning clients. Simply put, it picks up the footprints left by those you may have attracted through your social media activities.

This does not undermine the profit of social media; instead, it reveals how it can be more beneficial to you and your business. If social Media were a person, it would be the PR for your business, your website being the landing point.


Join the Conversation!

Have you experienced any benefits from your Website that Social Media alone did not give? Share your experience in the comments.


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