Set and Reach Social Media Goals

how to set and reach social media goals

A lot of brands are yet to recognize Social media as an essential aspect of their brand promotion and positioning. This has led to the failure in developing Social Media goals and strategies as part of their marketing tactics. However, this does not negate the impact Social Media has on the progress of their business.


It is better for your brand to capitalize on these available platforms and set strategic goals that help you monitor your brand’s progress and identify loopholes you need to improve on. We’ll show you how to set and achieve Social Media goals that are relevant to your business.


01. Analyze Your Position

 It is a good practice to perform a deep analysis of your current position when setting Social Media goals. Perform an audit to have a clear understanding of where you currently are; that way, you can determine where your brand is headed and set goals accordingly. Your audit should contain the following information:


  • Social Media channels being used
  • Performance of each channel
  • Types of content
  • Current conversion rate
  • Current engagement rate
  • Brand consistency across Platform
  • Audience reach/ persona


The above details will help you determine your current Social Media position.


02. Review Reports

It is important that you make informed decisions for your brand. You should carefully review the reports from your Social Media Audit. This will help you identify which areas need to be focused on, where your Social Media activities should be directed, which channels are working for your brand or not; your present position, and so on.


03. Research Your Competition

You should also track the activities of your competition. Thankfully, there are a lot of tools that can help you achieve this. Assess this from the perspective of both a competitor and a customer. 

With competitor research, you gain a glimpse of what you need to adopt and understand why you need to set certain goals.


04. Prioritize Your Needs

Having understood the insights from your audit and the performance of your competitor, it is important for you to determine your needs according to the level of importance. 

Yes, it is good to want more followers and likes on your Social Media pages; but is better to have an audience that actually needs your product or service otherwise, your efforts may be in vain because you would not get any tangible leads to nurture. 

It is very important that you prioritize your Social Media needs based on metrics that are significantly related to your overall business goals.


05. Set your Social Media Goals

Now, you have laid the groundwork for setting feasible Social Media goals for your brand. Remember, the goals you set are based on the needs you have determined. Therefore they should have an actionable framework. Set goals that match your business standards. 

These goals should be realistic and specific and achievable. You should also set time-based goals with metrics that can be measured so you can assign quantifiable values to them.


  • A good example of such a goal would be: To increase brand awareness on Facebook by 30% in the month of December 2020
  • This goal can be measure by tracking metrics like the number of impressions or reach for each post or Ad that you run.
  • Number of shares you get for your posts
  • Number of tags and mentions and so on


It is important that for every goal you set, you indicate the key metrics by which they will be measured and the specific period of time you hope to achieve them.


06. Indicate Achievement Methods

Yes, this post is still about setting Social Media goals. At AFTj Marketing and Solutions, we believe that stating how you intend to achieve set goals will motivate you to take action and give you a clearer insight to determine if the goal is really what you should focus your activities on.


07. Be Accountable

To see results, you need to be intentional about them. Being accountable means that you do not neglect the importance of any steps to achieving your goals. You should realize that you have to show up on Social Media even when you don’t want to because you know you have goals that need to be reached.

Social Media is very resourceful for marketing your brand and setting goals will help you maximize the opportunity it offers.

Have you tried setting actionable Social Media Goals for your business before? How did this play out? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.


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